Educational Exhibitors 

The Salt Lake County Fair Family FarmFest is seeking educators and Educational Exhibits to provide creative displays where they can promote their product and/or services. Booth sizes are 10’ by 10’ and electricity is limited by request. Because we strongly support educating our attendees with just the right sources, booth spaces will be rented out for an affordable fee of $100 and accepted non-profit organizations will receive a free booth. We ask that these Educational Exhibitors meet the Educational Exhibitors Requirements as listed below.


Educational Exhibitor Applications due June 28, 2019.

Acceptance letters will be sent July 5, 2019.

Educational Exhibitor Application


  • Educational Exhibitors will honor their commitment to all running hours of the fair, rain or shine: August 8 (12-9pm), August 9 (12-9pm) and August 10 (10am-9pm). 

  • Accepted Educational Exhibitors must provide an educational activity or demonstration during entirety of the fair for attendees. The activity or demonstration must be related to the product/ service being promoted or in relation to the vision of the Salt Lake County Fair. Activities must be approved by the educational committee of the Salt Lake County Fair Board. Disapproval will require modifications to or replacement of the planned activities or demonstration. 

  • Educational Exhibitors will follow all of the rules listed in the Educational Exhibitors Handbook in the Salt Lake County Fair website; ( 

  • Upon acceptance, Educational Exhibitors will only be given a 10’ by 10’ space with a draped 10’ backdrop and electricity, if requested. All other materials or rentals needed for the event will be provided by the booth exhibitor. 

  • Educational Exhibitors must be completely set up and taken down by the end of the set up/take down times listed: Set up - August 8 (9-11am) & Take down - August 10 (9-10pm). Security will be provided for the duration of the fair days. Salt Lake County Fair will not be liable for damaged or stolen equipment. 

  • Educational Exhibitors are responsible for conducting their own sales. It is your responsibility to collect and report sales tax. 

  • For booth space larger than 10’ by 10’, please request in the application below.